Meet the Aperta Team

We are a team of seasoned biopharmaceutical drug developers with a passion for ophthalmics. We focus specifically on addressing large unmet medical needs in ophthalmology: blepharitis and the constellation of related diseases remains one of the largest series of indications without an approved therapeutic option. Our pipeline consists of drugs with well-established mechanisms of action, solid IP protection, and clearly defined regulatory pathways. If you are interested in partnering with us, please contact us at

<a class="inline_popup" href="#content_cs">Carlos Santos, Ph.D.</a>

Carlos Santos, Ph.D.

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Santos has more than 15 years of executive experience in therapeutic development, biologics manufacturing, and immunotherapy. Read More...

<a class="inline_popup" href="#content_jm">Josue Moran, Ph.D.</a>

Josue Moran, Ph.D.

Sr. Scientist and Program Manager

Dr. Moran has 15 years of research and business experience in diverse industries including life sciences, consulting, and data modeling. Read More...

<a class="inline_popup" href="#content_fc">Forrest Cox</a>

Forrest Cox

EVP, Corporate and Business Development

Mr. Cox has more than 15 years of experience in areas related to complex financial structuring and to financial and M&A advisory. Read More...

<a class="inline_popup" href="#content_dr">Dayton Reardan, Ph.D.</a>

Dayton Reardan, Ph.D.

VP, Regulatory Affairs

Dr. Reardan has an extensive regulatory background and has led teams which have obtained over 16 product marketing approvals from FDA. Read More...

<a class="inline_popup" href="#content_jf">Jonathan Feldmann</a>

Jonathan Feldmann

Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Feldmann is a seasoned executive with over a 15 years of experience leading the design, delivery, and maintenance of critical scientific and technology solutions across the life sciences industry. Read More...

<a class="inline_popup" href="#content_ds">David States, MD, Ph.D.</a>

David States, MD, Ph.D.

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. States has spent more than 30 years at the forefront of computational biology, genomics and proteomics - in roles that have spanned industry, academia and public policy. Read More...

<a class="inline_popup" href="#content_jq">Jerome Quintero, Ph.D.</a>

Jerome Quintero, Ph.D.

Clinical & Regulatory Informatics

Dr. Quintero is a leader in the field of clinical and regulatory informatics and in the development of automated systems for clinical and regulatory process management.Read More...